To improve your skills in using SCANeR studio

SCANeR studio is a very complete software, containing a lot functionalities. To manage correctly the configurations of your simulators or of your HPC computing, or to create advanced scenarios or 3D Terrain, or to use use optimally the APIs, training sessions with our expert are necessary. This is not only learning how to use SCANeR studio but also to get all the knowledge around its functionalities to use it in the most optimal way and to get the right quality and reliability of your utilizations. Moreover, you will get in touch with our team and all of its knowledge !

We propose you a catalogue of training on SCANeRTM studio, you can ask it with the form below. Of course we can customize for you a training session on demand.

Training Registration

Here the standard training we propose:


B1: SCANeR™studio essentials (basic level, 2days)


I1: Standard simulation modules (intermediate level, 2 days)

I2: Advanced experiments (intermediate level, 2 days)

I3: Road networks (intermediate level, 2 days)

I4: SCANeR™studio module development (intermediate level, 2 days)

I5: Acquisition and instrument panel development (intermediate level, 2 days)



A1: ADAS (advanced level, 2 days)

A2: Headlight / AFS (advanced level, 2 days)

A3: Vehicle dynamics (advanced level, 3 days)

A4: Testing (advanced level, 2 days)

A5: Visual display configuration (advanced level, 1 day)

A6: Driver tracking applications (advanced level, 1 day)

A7: Advanced applications (advanced level, 1 day EACH)


Depending of your request, we can suggest you to come to our office in Boulogne-Billancourt (near Paris) to participate to our pre-scheduled sessions or to arrange an onsite training session.

Please use the following registration form to register to a pre-scheduled training sessions at our office in Boulogne-Billancourt or for a customized one. Will send you a financial proposal  or contact you the define together your training.

Training sessions

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