AV Simulation range of simulators

AV Simulation leverages 20 years’ experience and global credentials to build turnkey advanced driving simulators encompassing a complete vehicle with all equipments, dome with visual field of up to 360°, motion platform offering the highest degree of freedom, movement restitution at scale 1 and total Immersion.

Advanced Simulator

The Advanced simulator is AV Simulation’s most immersive simulator. It encompasses the entirety of a real vehicle, from its driving compartment to its instruments. Positioned inside a dome and fitted with a cutting-edge visual system offering up to a 360° view and a motion platform providing up to 9 degrees of freedom, the Advanced Simulator is the most immersive simulation solution available. Customizable according to the client’s needs, this high-performance simulator is designed specifically as a research and engineering tool, making AV Simulation the world leader in this field.

Options and Characteristics of the Advanced Simulator

  • Complete vehicle with all equipment
  • Dome with visual field of up to 360°
  • Motion Platform of 6 to 9 Degrees of Freedom
  • Movement restitution at scale 1
  • Total Immersion

Full Scale Simulator

The Full-Scale Simulator is aimed at clients requiring a real driving cabin. From any model of car or truck, AV Simulation delivers a driving simulator incorporating a real vehicle’s driving cabin in order to offer the driver the most realistic driving environment. An actual vehicle is fixed on a 3 to 6 Degree of Freedom motion platform and makes use of a display system of 1 to 8 channels for complete immersion. Customizable with a series of available options in accordance with the client’s requirements, this “real cabin” simulator is used in the field of Human Factor research, Ergonomics Studies and advanced research projects, studies on Dynamic Vehicle Handling and studies of “Human and Hardware in Loop”( HHIL).

Options and Characteristics of the Full Scale Simulator

  • Complete Vehicle with all components
  • Real Dashboard
  • Large Field of Vision
  • 3 to 6 DoF Motion Platform
  • Precise Vehicle Model Dynamics
  • High degree of Immersion

Premium Simulator

The Premium simulator is a simulator that groups several key driving components, such as the dashboard and ergonomic driver’s compartment thanks to the use of elements from real vehicles. These elements are fundamental to the study of human factor research or advanced training. The Premium Simulator includes 3 screens and can be equipped with a motion system, vibrating chair or eye-tracking capability. It is used for Human-Machine interface (HMI), headlight design, “Steer-by-Wire” technology development, driver assistance systems, HIL and SIL systems, Energy-efficient driving or Emergency vehicle driving.

Options and Characteristics of the Premium Simulator

  • Easy to install and use
  • Driver’s compartment from real vehicle
  • 3 screen display
  • Real steering-wheel with force-feedback
  • Optional Motion System

Compact simulator

The Compact Simulator aims at providing the driver with a realistic driving interface and a large vision field at low cost. Its reduced size makes it easily transportable between several sites. This simulator is equipped with features including 3 * 16/9 LCD screens, a manual or automatic gearbox, a handbrake and real steering wheel with force-feedback. It can also be equipped with a 3 to 6 Degree of Freedom motion system as an option. It is particularly valued by Universities, training institutes and the engineering and research sectors, which use it as a driver training simulator.

Options and Characteristics of the Compact Simulator

  • Easy to transport
  • Realistic driving compartment
  • 3 screen display
  • Real steering wheel with force-feedback
  • Cost-efficient
  • Optional Motion System