About AV Simulation

AV Simulation is a leader in automotive simulation. We focus on 2 main activities:

  • We design and build advanced simulators by integrating a complete vehicle, sensors, a dome with visual field of up to 360° as well as a motion platform offering the highest degree of freedom.
  • We develop, support and distribute a driving simulation software called SCANeR™ that offers all the functionalities and interface required by research institutes and car manufacturer to simulate traffic, terrain, vehicle dynamics, autonomous traffic, pedestrians and feedback to test and train Autonomous Vehicles.

As the automotive industry goes through its most significant transformation since the industrial revolution with the adoption of new technologies such as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems - ADAS - and Autonomous Vehicle Driver Assistance, the need for advanced simulation has become critical to test tremendous amounts of captured data, autonomous driving as well as human behaviours to ensure thorough testing before go-live.

AV Simulation capitalises on 20 years’ experience in simulation, deep automotive domain knowledge. Our software solution covers most of the industry needs and provides interfaces to LIDARs, cameras, radars as well as ultrasonic sensors as well as all industry tools and standards (Matlab Simulink, OpendDrive, Road XML, etc. see SCANeR™ for more details)

AV Simulation is the ultimate partner to win the race to build safer and better autonomous vehicles.